Please Consider…

Gifts of all sizes are what make the Peaks Island Fund a true community resource.

We hope that everyone feels a connection to the PIF by contributing to it. This perpetual endowment has grown from $10 gifts as well as $10,000 gifts. They have come from your friends and neighbors, the same people who evaluate grant requests each year and decide how to do the most good with the funds available.

Anyone who appreciates life on Peaks knows that it has come about as a result of the good works and foresight of former residents and friends. The Peaks Island Fund gives everyone a chance to join that legacy of generosity.

Consider what you might be able to leave behind for the good of the community. Is it 10%, 20%...maybe 50% of your net worth after taking care of your family? By simply calling the Maine Community Foundation and asking to speak about an estate gift to Peaks Island, you can assure yourself that some portion of your kind feelings toward Peaks will survive to provide a lasting benefit and example to those who follow.

Estate gifts and bequests are simple to set up. And if you prefer to distribute your estate while you are still alive, The Maine CF and PIF are happy to help with that as well.

Please consider supporting the future of the community by giving annual and estate gifts to help grow the Peaks Island Fund… linking people who care with causes that matter.